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handwriting recognition
(n.) The technique by which a computer system can recognize characters and other symbols written by hand in natural handwriting. The technology is used for identification and also on devices such as PDA and tablet PCs where a stylus is used to handwrite on a screen with a stylus, after which the computer turns the handwriting into digital text.


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  1. vanchanh123 Says:

    Nhận dạng các stroke

    This paper presents a system to recognize online handwritten Gurmukhi words. We have proposed a new step as rearrangement of recognized strokes in online handwriting recognition procedure. The rearrangement of recognized strokes includes: strokes identification as dependent and major dependent strokes; the rearrangement of strokes with respect to their positions; the combination of strokes to recognize character. We have achieved an overall recognition rate as 81.02% in online handwritten cursive handwriting for a set of 2576 Gurmukhi dictionary words.

    Muốn làm đc như vậy thì phải phân tích kí tự TV theo các stroke. Đối với kí tự trên hoặc kí tự Trung Quốc là các nét thẳng thì dễ dàng phân tích thành các nét như vậy.

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